Benefits of Dog Exercising

Although it may come as a surprise to you but dogs, just like humans need to exercise daily in order to stay stay fit and healthy. To better explain how dog exercising can help your pet, A Pets World Pet Sitting of Loomis CA has posted the following article listing the 5 benefits of regular pet movement.

pets1. Blood toxin removal – The circulation of lymph in the body of your dog is powered by working muscles. When dogs do not move enough that slows the process of lymph fluid flow designated to cleanse the system and it allows a cellular sludge to build up and impair cells. Muscle tissue which works physically helps to pump toxicity out of the pet’s body which also supports energy and health level improvements.
2. Movement boosts the brain – Brief exercising, done every 20 minutes makes it easier for the brain to grow new neuronal connections. Studies have shown that activity can make humans less prone to distractions, and it works for our dogs as well.
3. Dog exercising slows aging – The average dog age is calculated to be about 11 years. Better pet care can prolong the life of your dog with up to 5%. Exercise works at a cellular level by boosting the signal that tells our cells to repair and regenerate themselves in the entire body system.
4. Doing exercise enhance the senses of your dog – Regular exercise can increase the circulation to your pet’s eyes and ears, which provides a great supply of nutrients. These nutrients can help the animals preserve their senses longer. Hearing and seeing and new sounds and sights helps to give the senses of your four legged friends a workout to help them become calmer and less aggressive.
5. Movement promotes weight management – Nearly 53% of all dogs in the US are overweight. A proven way to increase the metabolism which translates to more calories burnt is exercise. The more intense, the better. When “daily sports” are combined with a healthy diet, a regular exercise program should be able to keep the metabolism super-charged even while your dog is resting

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