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Published on January 12, 2022

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Speaker 1: A lot of people call during the Spring and Summer because they’ve come across a nest of wild baby rabbits. They assume that the mother has abandoned the babies. Usually that’s not the case and it’s usually not the case that the mother has been hit by a car or anything like that. In fact, rabbits don’t nurse their animals steadily the way dogs or cats do. They don’t stay with the babies. They will nurse their babies once, sometimes twice a day, just for a few minutes, and in five minutes a baby rabbit can actually consume 20% of its body weight in mother’s milk.

Speaker 2: Whoa.

Speaker 1: Typically the mother will come to the nest, quickly nurse the babies, and leave the nest. And this is a way of keeping predators away from the nest. So people will assume, when they find a nest of baby rabbits, that that nest has been abandoned by the mother and they’ll think this is a great opportunity to get to know wild rabbits first hand. They’ll bring them in the house and then they’ll call us and they’ll say, ‘How do you take care of a wild rabbit?’ And what people don’t understand, believe it or not, wild rabbits and domestic rabbits are not related. They can’t interbreed.

Speaker 2: Right.

Speaker 1: They’re different creatures and the care involved is completely different. So I always tell them to get in touch with the nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitator. It’s not even legal in most states to have a wild rabbit in your possession, so if in fact you have a baby rabbit, take it to a wildlife rehabilitator. Better yet, if you see a nest that you think has been abandoned, call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and ask for advice about what you should do, rather than picking up the rabbits. A wild rabbit in possession in a household doesn’t live very long. People are not informed on how to take care of them. They don’t do well in captivity at all and you may be responsible for the rabbit’s death instead of for helping the rabbit, which is probably what you wanted to do. And the related issue to this is many people who buy rabbits for their children at Easter, or as birthday gifts or whatever, soon enough the child stops taking care of rabbit, which shouldn’t have been the child’s job to begin with, of course. But the child stops taking care of the rabbit and the parents, without thinking twice about it, let the rabbit go in the backyard.

Speaker 2: All the time.

Speaker 1: Yeah. I mean we hear about this all the time

Speaker 2: They just let it go.

Speaker 1: Yup. And they say that . . .

Speaker 2: It’ll be snatched like that.

Speaker 1: . . . I want him to join a wild family and have a chance to have his own family. And as I said, they don’t interbreed.

Speaker 2: They’re domesticated.

Speaker 1: They don’t join wild families. They’re domesticated. This particular rabbit I chose for this video, because he’s about the same color as a wild rabbit. Similar, that tweedy, outdoor look.

Speaker 2: Mm-hmm.

Speaker 1: So people, when they see this kind of rabbit outdoors, they may think it’s a wild rabbit. In fact, this is a Netherlands dwarf domestic rabbit. And they’re are differences. If you study the coloration carefully in pictures on the web you will see the differences but you’ll see that this rabbit has tiny ears. Wild rabbits don’t have tiny ears. This is a dwarf breed and this is a way that you can tell the difference between him and a wild rabbit. In any case, don’t let your rabbit go outdoors, and don’t attempt to keep a wild rabbit as a pet. You will insure the well being of both the domestic rabbit and the wild rabbit that way.

Can Pet Rabbits Survive in the Wild

Can Pet Rabbits Survive in the Wild, Can You Keep a Wild Rabbit as a Pet? | Pet Rabbits.

Dwarf Bunny – Looking After Miniature Bunnies And Little Family Pet Rabbits

It’s up to you on how you will prepare your family pet bunny’s diet plan. She might begin her nesting process about one week before shipment. Having a little young kid taking care of a rabbit can be a really bad idea.

Can You Keep a Wild Rabbit as a Pet? | Pet Rabbits, Get latest reviews relevant with Can Pet Rabbits Survive in the Wild.

Things You Need To Learn About Your Family Pet Rabbit

This is generally bad for your bunny’s the digestive system. That provides less opportunity for veterinarians to treat anything other than canines and cats. The key to a great training is patience.

The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest of the 45 breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, weighing in at a mere 2 pounds when totally grown.

Considering that Cute Pet Rabbits like tidiness hence you should brush them routinely. This will help in keeping their fur from matting. Besides, cut the rabbit nail every 4-6 weeks. These easy steps will ensure that your bunny stays in the finest of health.

Aside from the very important foods, water is likewise vital to remember when thinking about appropriate bunny care. These cute animals adore water. Though Pet Rabbits Care with additional green diet may not generally require to gulp water often, a sanitary and fresh water source in which they can consume from is definitely fine.

Water bowl or bottle – teaching your rabbit to drink from a bottle is always a great idea. The water stays fresh and the cage will remain drier. Failing this place use a bowl similar to their food bowl ie: one they can’t topple!

Aside from getting the ideal size of rabbit hutch, you also require to consider the material used. There are enclosures with metal frames and covered wire mesh while others have treated wood and covered wire mesh combination. One important thing to keep in mind is to pick products that are safe for your bunny. Your pet love to chew and you require to make sure that the materials were dealt with or covered with non-toxic chemicals. Go for tough materials to ensure that your Pet Rabbits will be safe from predators if you are choosing for an outside hutch. Try to find a well-ventilated structure to make it a comfy living area for your pet.

A bunny can be taught to use the toilet in a specified location. This is extremely useful in grooming and look after these animals. It likewise makes them an excellent family pet for older kids and grownups.

First of all a family pet bunny need a cage to be his house. Get the biggest size that you can. A 2×3 feet cage benefits a medium size rabbit.Get the one with the plastic bottom, the wire bottom will damage the bunny fragile paws. Get a plastic pan a little larger than the rabbit and put it in one corner of the cage to be his litter box.

If they want their family pet rabbits to remain with them for a long period of time, Family pet bunny care has numerous different factors that every owner/ breeders should think about. They can supply them good quality foods, toys to keep them inhabited and shelter to keep them warm and safe and a good location to rest after a day’s work.

Here are some things that you require to know prior to you buy a family pet rabbit. He took it to school for every single show-and-tell day. Very few individuals are adopting an animal bunny.

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