Could Your Cat Kill You? (What Is Cat-scratch Disease?)

Published on January 12, 2022

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So, Cats! Aren’t they cute!
Aren’t they cute
But as anyone who has a cat knows, at some point or another, you’re going to be on the receiving end of their cat’s claws.


Usually it’s no problem – the scratch usually disappears in a few days.

But now the Center for Disease Control are warning cat owners to be on guard against a rising new potentially-deadly infection – called Cat Scratch Disease.

And No – we did not make this one up

Cat Scratch Disease or “Cat Scratch Fever” is a bacterial infection that can be extremely serious.

It’s caused by the bacteria Bartonellahenselae, a rod-shaped bacteria found on 50 percent of cats. Cats transmit the bacteria, through the saliva – if they bite you or scratch you after licking their claws-You’re in trouble Cats usually carry the disease without any symptoms of infection, the same way you carry bacteria on our skin without any sign of illness.

We think CSD is rare – most of you wouldn’t freak out if you got a little scratch from your furry friend – but analysts at the CDC discovered CSD is much more common than we think!
They examined national health insurance claims from 2005 to 2013 for patients aged 65 and younger and found that every year about 12,000 people are diagnosed with CSD. They also discovered that the illness requires about 500 hospitalizations annually. So, while you are still more likely to die in a car accident, then die in a hospital from cat scratch fever it does happen and you don’t want to become any part of this statistic.

If you are scratched by a cat, clean the wound with an antibacterial soap and water, and watch out for a fever with tender lymph nodes or pustules at the injury site. – thats never good

Tom cats may have a slightly greater incidence of passing cat scratch disease on to their human owners – possibly due to being more prone to injury from rough play with cats and increased risk of exposure.

Children also are way more at risk of cat scratch disease as they are more likely to play with cats. Those who already have a repressed immune system from other illnesses, like cancer, HIV, or the flu are more at rick of contracting cat scratch disease
So, If you currently sick, be careful – keep your cat indoors to prevent infections from other cats, and avoid rough play!, and take care of any scratch you might have.

So what do you guys think, Have we scared you by talking about cat scratch fever or you just going to continue playing with your cats as normal? Do you often get ruffed up by your cat and need to be a bit more careful from now on? or do do you think worrying about CSD is being paranoid?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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Can Pet Cats Kill You

Can Pet Cats Kill You, Could Your Cat Kill You? (What Is Cat-scratch Disease?).

Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Pet

However, kids typically have their own opinions and beliefs. Above all, ensure your feline beverages a lot of clean water. Feline breeds all have their own distinct qualities.

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The owner understands that the feline likes catnip. You can get the info of those agencies on the web. They are hunters, and thousands of years of instinct tells them they are the top of the food chain.

If you love taking care of felines and making them family pets in your home, there are really a lot of things that you need to consider prior to getting a feline and making them new members of the family.

Felines can become starved when it concerns food, and so as pet owners it is a should that you watch their diet plan. 4 meals a day is enough for the young cats. However, as they get older, you must have the meals reduced to 2 to 3 small meals a day. Enough water ought to be offered to your felines. It would be fantastic if you can prepare yourself the Cat Food of your family pet in order to guarantee the nutritional value and as well as the freshness of the food that they take in.

Another fantastic feature of Natural Balance cat food is that it consists of active ingredients that support coat and teeth health. If you desire your kitty to have shiny, healthy fur, then you’ll require to feed him or her the right ingredients. Gingivitis is another health issue. Unhealthy gums can be extremely uncomfortable, making it challenging for a cat to delight in eating. This can be avoided by providing them with a healthy, healthy diet.

Individuals want their Pet Cats to be pleased. They wish to provide a reward now and then. Catnip will offer this reward for them. Individuals will head out and buy a toy filled with the things for their animal. Often they bring the toy home and it appears to do nothing for the cat. The owner understands that the feline likes catnip. What is the issue?

An incredibly essential reality about the Russian Blue Felines is their hardiness and resistance to health aliments that other various Cat Breeds frequently fall prey to. The majority of breeders and those in the know contribute this to their genetic background.

The Siamese breeds are among the earliest types of domestic felines. There are likewise many ranges as well, domestic short-hair, medium hair consisting of wild felines that have longer hair.

It is undoubtedly enjoyable to have pet cat in your home. Nevertheless, it would be more enjoyable if you will choose the breed of feline best for your character too.

Cats are animals that should have real protein to have appropriate nutrition. You need not fret much in grooming this type as it is not one of the high upkeep types at all. Grains as such belong of a wild cats diet.

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