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Published on January 1, 2021

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Speaker 1: Do pet rabbits need to be bathed?

Speaker 2: Well, this is a confusing question because so many pet stores sell shampoo for animals. People will buy the shampoo because it looks so cute or if there’s a picture of a rabbit on the front of the bottle so that must mean that rabbits need to be bathed. In fact, rabbits don’t need to be bathed they are prodigious self groomers and they keep themselves immaculately clean. But every once in a while for a variety of a reasons a rabbit will get a really poopy butt and maybe because he’s sick because he’s having a digestive problem. It maybe because he’s arthritic and he can’t lean over to clean himself very well.

Speaker 1: Overweight?

Speaker 2: He’s overweight. Yea, that’s another reason why they can’t lean over as well as before. And they’ll get an accumulation on their butt and it’s kind of a poopy butt that dries on it’s butt and then you have give him what’s called a butt bath. And what I use for a butt bath.

Speaker 1: Because you don’t want to pick it off with your fingers because you can pull the skin away

Speaker 2: Skin off with him. Exactly. It’s very painful for the rabbit. So what you want to do is get a small litter box like this, put a towel in the bottom of it, put a couple of inches of water in it, tepid water, warm water, not hot just warm, and then you’re going to put your bunny in the water and we’re going to do this as a dry bath, He doesn’t need a butt bath so we’re just going to do this as if he did. He knows he doesn’t need a bath so he’s stepping out so he’s going to stay in this and when he’s in you can pick him up like this. Just hold is front quarters out to keep him dry and you can use your hand to swish water all around his butt. Most rabbits are very comfortable doing this. You can keep swishing water around his butt and you’ll be loosening up the dry poop.

Speaker 1: So they’re not sitting in water?

Speaker 2: Just the butt. That’s right. Just enough to cover the butt. Towel is to give him traction and enough water to cover the butt and the bottom feet. And that’s it.

Speaker 1: No soap?

Speaker 2: You don’t need soap. Some people use shampoo or pet shampoo. You don’t need that. Just warm water is fine. And you use your finger nails and pick the stuff off, once its moist you’ll be able to get it off easily. And then you take the bunny out onto a towel which we’ll do here and most people like to use a hair dryer. It’s a tedious process.

Speaker 1: We did that one time.

Speaker 2: With Dusty?

Speaker 1: No, with the crazy lady.

Speaker 2: Oh that’s right I remember that house call that we did. We did a house call.

Speaker 1: That’s another video.

Speaker 2:Yea. That’s a whole other video.

Speaker 1: Annette. Annette.

Speaker 2: You’re going to put the rabbit with his butt on the towel like this and you dry him as best you can. I like to also have a paper towel here because it’s even more absorbent. And you just keep pressing the paper towel against its butt. And that will get him very very dry as dry as you can get without a hair dryer and then use a hair dryer set on low the lowest heat not on cold but the lowest heat and blow dry him until his butt is dry. You don’t want any skin chaffing because it’s moist. So that’s how you give your bunny a butt bath. It’s pretty easy and the bunny really appreciates it. You can tell that they like being clean. Usually as soon as their out of the bath they’ll do their face and their ears and everything.

Speaker 1: Oh. Okay.

Speaker 2: So yea, it’s not a hard thing to do. It’s getting them dry is the trick. So get them as dry as you can and you’ll protect their skin that way. Butt baths are fun!

Do Pet Rabbits Need Baths

Do Pet Rabbits Need Baths, Do Rabbits Need to Be Bathed? | Pet Rabbits.

Ferret Look After The New Ferret Owner

Another alternative is breeders who offer bunnies. Rabbits can live to be 10 years old so you should be prepared to look after your pet for that long. These fan clubs are plentiful on the web and major video sharing sites.

Do Rabbits Need to Be Bathed? | Pet Rabbits, Explore trending replays about Do Pet Rabbits Need Baths.

Bunny Den Is A Popular Option

They are so adorable with their round little bodies, small ears and round heads. It is a great concept to hang their hay basket on the side of their cage so that it stays fresh. They kept it in your house, and litter trained it.

Rabbits have been kept as family pets given that quiet a long time now. They are appropriate for both excellent indoor as well as outside life. Rabbits just need a great quantity of attention and care. Here are some things that you require to know prior to you purchase a family pet rabbit.

Rabbits need a balanced diet plan of timothy hay, quality pellets, fresh water and vegetables. They likewise require something hard (like wood) to chew on to keep their incisor teeth well ground down. Cute Pet Rabbits need a bargain of exercise; a great outside pen for them to run around in is more effective. Being a victim animal, bunnies are naturally timid and easily scared. For this reason, bunnies are not the best family pets for kids under the age of ten who might not know to act calmly and gently towards them. When a rabbit needs medical attention, it will require to see a vet, and the costs can in some cases be pricey.

Choose regional breeders. Pet Rabbits Care dislike traveling and therefore rather of choosing a cross country breeder, try to discover a regional one. A few of the most frequently discovered rabbit types are Holland lop. Netherlands dwarf, Mini-Rex etc. These types are rather smaller in size, however they live long and healthy lives.

Rabbits require your love They are extremely social animals and they are not happy all by themselves all the time. If your gone all the time then perhaps a family pet rabbit is not for you. Or you could consider embracing a set already bonded at your regional animal shelter. Rabbits love to be around people and are a great deal of fun to see.

The most essential thing to give concern to is the proper diet plan of the Pet Rabbits. Simply give a little time in feeding the right diet plan to your animal and it will settle for a long period of time duration. This will guarantee you that your pet will stay active, healthy, illness free, and will live for about 10 to 15 years of age.

Construct alliances with other small service owners in your location. Who much better understands the ‘disadvantage’ of pet ownership than the dry cleaner or housekeeping service in your area? Their companies are based partly on the pet-owning clients in your location. Ask to put your cards in their shops, or if you can run put a leaflet in their month-to-month costs sent out to their clients.

First off a family pet rabbit require a cage to be his house. Get the most significant size that you can. A 2×3 feet cage benefits a medium size rabbit.Get the one with the plastic bottom, the wire bottom will harm the rabbit fragile paws. Get a plastic pan a little bigger than the rabbit and put it in one corner of the cage to be his litter box.

The cage you keep your rabbit in requirements to be kept devoid of old foods and of stained hay and bed linen materials. These type of conditions can trigger your pet to get actually sick. If you have a cage that is off the ground with open electrical wiring on the floor, you will still want to ensure that hay is not stained that does not fail the fencing. Selecting the right bunnies food should indicate the staining part will not be too bad to deal with.

This indicates that you can definitely purchase a family pet rabbit online. Rabbits can choose up lice, fleas, termites, and other parasites. Before you choose to house your bunnies outside, it is necessary for you to comprehend the threat.

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