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Published on January 25, 2023

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So, people are always interested in how old a rabbit is especially if they’re trying to adopt a rabbit from a shelter. Unfortunately, rabbits who come into shelters don’t come with tags on them telling us how old they are and it is very hard to tell the age of a rabbit. There really is no reliable way. Some people look at their teeth, but in fact you can have a young rabbit that has pretty lousy teeth and you can have an older rabbit that has beautiful teeth just as you can with dogs.

With small breeds of dogs, you can find a young dog with lots of tartar and you can find an older dog with brilliant gleaming white teeth that look like toothpaste ads. Similar with rabbits, their teeth are not a reliable way to tell the age of a rabbit unless the rabbit is extremely young, but other than that when a rabbit comes into a shelter, how do we tell the age? Well, there’s two ways that I do.

One is when they’re being spayed or neutered, the toughness of their tissue will often give you a really big clue as to how old they are especially with males. When you’re neutering a male, the influence of testosterone over a long period of time like many years will make the tissues very tough and hard to manipulate. Even when I’m injecting the rabbit pre-surgery with his medications, it’s hard to get a needle through very tough skin. The skin become almost like a football. That’s an older rabbit.

A younger rabbit will have much softer skin and softer tissues for the veterinarian to manipulate during surgery, so that gives you a little bit of a clue. Another thing that I’ve learned through the years is that there is a relationship between the condition of the rabbits hocks or heels and his age. It’s just a personal observation, so take it for what it’s worth. I have read this in a book or a text book, anything like that, but I’ve notice it by caring for many hundreds of rabbits over a very long period of time.

When a rabbit is really young, his heels are healthy, pink, beautiful, nice skin, no problem. The heel on a rabbit is like our elbow. The bone is right up against the skin. As a rabbit gets older, the constant pressure on his heel, on his hock, by that bone against the skin starts to change the condition of the hock. So, if you’re getting a really young rabbit, you’re going to have a fully furred foot with no callous on it.

As rabbits start to get older, that one spot develops a callous on it. If the rabbit doesn’t get enough exercise and is left to sit for long periods of time, this can be either in a wire bottom cage where the wire is cutting into the foot, but it can also be in a flat bottom cage where the rabbit’s weight is just constantly on that one spot then you start to get a callous that turns a different color. It starts to get and irritated. Sometimes the flesh actually breaks and the bone starts to come through. That’s really dangerous and that opens a path for a serious infection.

So, I’m going to show you with this little guy, what his hocks look like. We know from his adopter that this rabbit is around seven years old, something like that. He’s in great shape and his heels, I think you can get a close up here. See that callous. That is a callous of an older rabbit. It is not inflammed [SP], but it is a dark pink. There’s no break in the skin. Nothing looks like it’s going to come through, but that’s a way that you can check the age of the rabbit as he gets older. When you pick up a rabbit and see that condition, you know that that weights been resting on that spot for a long time.

So, those are my best tips for aging a rabbit. If you know the rabbits age at the outset, that’s great, but don’t let that stop you. Don’t let your lack of knowledge stop you from adopting a rabbit that you really like because older rabbits need loving families too.

Pet Rabbits Age

Pet Rabbits Age, How to Determine a Rabbit's Age | Pet Rabbits.

Should You Purchase A Bunny For Easter?

You will most likely have this animal for 5 to ten years. That means regular journeys to the vet, daily feedings, and keeping their hutch fresh. It was absolutely a much better option than a goat or pig.

How to Determine a Rabbit's Age | Pet Rabbits, Explore top explained videos related to Pet Rabbits Age.

Understanding The Wants And Needs Of A Rabbit

When selecting a rabbit as an animal, it is an excellent idea to think about getting a male rabbit. This provides some outdoor experience and bunnies enjoy to hop and smile. Would you keep your canine or cat in a cage 23 hours a day?

If you dress up your cherished animal in some of the funkiest animal clothing, you might go for an eccentric snob! Why should you care about the agitation you appear to stir when you walk in the park with your trendy quadruped? Be different, hold up to your curiosity and have some more fashion animal suggestions playing the brand-new animal dress up games online.

On the other hand, if you had actually decided to keep your family Cute Pet Rabbits inside your home then make certain you make enough arrangements for safe stay of rabbit in your home. Because bunnies enjoy to chew, thus make certain that they do not chew cable televisions or wires.

When you bring home a dwarf rabbit and you learn more about each other, the charming look fades into the background. Sure, they are still adorable, but rather of passing appearance alone, you discover to like your rabbit for his personality. Dwarf Pet Rabbits Care are packed with it. They are energetic and love to run freely across the floor. You can’t laugh however help when the bunny does a little hop and twist in midair; many rabbit owners call this move a binky.

Rabbits enjoy to conceal especially when they are scared or anxious so make sure their hutch has a place for them to do so. They also like to forage for their food, so scatter pellets along the bottom of the hutch and don’t forget to offer toys to keep them encouraged and stimulated.

Waiting until you have an emergency on your hands to find a veterinarian is never a good idea. For something, you’ll end up racing around attempting to discover simply anybody who can help you, and you might end up with an average veterinarian or one who overcharges you. For another thing, lots of vets do not have much experience with Pet Rabbits, and it is in your pet’s finest interest to discover a vet who knows a lot about rabbits.

Bunnies are herbivores. That suggests they only eat plants, not meat. This is what’s great about rabbits due to the fact that it can be simple to find food for them. You can even conserve money if you just let them graze in the grass. Other kinds of food that bunnies consume are veggies like carrots. Other alternatives are pellets. You can find these in family pet shops. They are made with the right nutrients, enough for your family pet rabbit’s needs for its body.

Rabbits are delicate animals when it comes to changes in temperature and much more so when they have a really little body weight. No matter what the time of year constantly ensure your bun has access to somewhere she can cool down or keep warm so that she can regulate her temperature level.

Gradually, your animal rabbit care routine may require attention paid to new kinds of issues – pododermatitis or aching hocks being among them. This is a condition that takes place in rabbits that have begun to put on weight. You begin to see bare spots of skin around your bunny’s feet, or redness and sores. You need to rush your rabbit to a vet. Without professional attention paid, your bunny might be in a bad way for the rest of his life. Make sure also that you have your vet check your rabbit’s teeth from time to time. When he does not consume as much as they used to, a rabbit’s teeth keep growing even. Long sharp teeth can truly hurt your rabbits gums. You’ll most likely need to have the doctor file his teeth down.

They can merely remain in the bunny hutch whenever they feel threatened. The gestation period is between 28 to 31 days. Another thing that will make your life and your bunny’s life much easier is some standard training.

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